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Dear RedlineGoods

This is Peter from Houston, Texas. I wanted to send this message to inform you that the Tacoma wheel that you have made has arrived at my residence on this date and in first class condition - thank you, very much, for both the hard work and excellent attention to detail that only you could have done when making this wheel for us.

The Alcantara material, material colours, stitching, and their installation, are entirely flawless and otherwise perfect in every respect.

Thank you also, and very much, for your additional time and kind attention to the packaging and shipment of the wheel.

The wheel is otherwise to be considered as a work-of-art, and such that I am now struggling as whether to frame it or whether to install it? Tough decision, and that was not anticipated!

Thank you all very much, and again, for my wheel, which far surpasses any human expectation for quality, fitment and installation.

Peter Subtelny


I've been trying to contact you concerning my custom designed armrest cover you made for me. It came out exactly as I pictured it. I am thrilled to have such a unique, one-of-a-kind interior piece.

I have showed it to many people who can't believe how nice it looks and for such a reasonable price. You may use my testimonial on your website. The quality is great! Thank you. To everyone else reading this, if you have an unusual idea, don't hesitate to ask RedlineGoods. They did exactly what I asked of them. Even after another corvette vendor gave up after three years and couldn't do it. And it looks excellent.

Jeff Tischler

PS. Here's a picture:


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for providing a well crafted and aesthetically pleasing product! I commend you on your workmanship and to be frank I'm in love with this new shift boot and after trying to get other reproductions of the oem part which had fallen short quality wise an have since been returned, I came to find Redline Goods and I have absolutely no regrets of doing so in ordering your shift boot. Basically just wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate what you guys do and that I can feel satisfied in buying an awesome product!!!!
Dominick Carnovale


I found RedlineGoods on the MR2 Owners Club and ordered my shift boot about a week ago. It arrived within the time frame your company said it would and the quality is outstanding. I am overall very pleased with the final product and can not wait to get it installed in my MR2. I would use your company again and refer it to others who are looking for products you sell. Thank you to everyone at RedlineGoods.com!



I am happy to anouce that just moments ago, I received the boot.  And I tell ya, she is a beautiful piece of work. The look of the leather, the smell of the leather, and the stiching, exactly what I had asked for.  I am lost for words to tell you just how impressed I am. Thanks a bunch!




I received the shift boot sooner than I expected. I have to commend you and your company for such a high quality product at a reasonable price. The look, smell, and feel do add a touch of class to the interior. The beige is a perfect shade lighter than the oem color and works very well. I have received many compliments on it and I have spread the word regarding your company. Thank you for the product and excellent customer support!




I received my leather shifter and e-brake boots a few weeks ago. Thank you very much for a very smooth transaction and really quick shipping. I received the boots in excellent condition and they are fantastic to touch and look at. I have really enjoyed doing business with RedlineGoods.com and will one day do business again. Thank you very much and have a great day!






Thanks for the follow-up. I would like to state that I am very impressed by your customer service that continually exceeds expectation. Yes, I have already received your boots in the mail, and am very happy with the products you have supplied. I posted a positive response on your EBay feedback, and will definitely recommend you to friends.


Emmett Yang



Just wanted to say it was a great experience dealing with your company. You guys by far are one of the best internet customer services I have dealt with. The thing that surprised me was the email updates I got, from when the order was received, confirmed, sent, and expected delivery wait time. 


The package came, delivered on time as said, and even posed that their may be problems with the Memorial Day weekend. My shift boot and ebrake boot came, and the quality is outstanding. Instructions online were fairly good enough that an average do-it-yourself’er can finish the install within a respectable time. 


I just wanted to give props to a good online buying experience. Continue the good work! Shoei Feng

Hi Redline,


I wasn`t too sure about ordering your product as I`m based in the UK and felt the risk to be rather high; however the price was good and the product looked great so I took the risk.


Well hats off to you guys; the product arrived bang on the 10th day and the smell on opening the well packed parcel was pure leather!!


The finish is the best I`ve seen; and the stitching finish is perfect. As for the fit it was spot on. I bought both the gear shifter and handbrake boot and I cannot congratulate you more on your all round service and quality - in total you sent me 3 e-mails with updates on order received, order dispatched and order due within 6 - 10 days. 


Thank you 

Peter Chan (UK)



Just an FYI, I received the boots in the mail yesterday. They look great! I had no trouble getting them on and the color match is perfect. Thank you very much for shipping them out so quickly, and making them look so nice. 


Thank you, Cameron Minich


I did receive both boots. I received them about 2 weeks ago. I really appreciate your follow-up. It really shows you guys stand behind your products. Am very pleased. Oh and might I say excellent craftsmanship and excellent materials fitment is second to none. I hope I can purchase from you again down the road. Nothing but raves from me.

Thanks Again,

Nimit Patel



I just wanted to say that I received both the Shift and e-Brake boot for my Honda Prelude 2000 and was very satisfied. The fitment is amazing, quality is superb, and it looks much much better than the OEM stuff. Definitely would recommend purchasing this product to anyone. I think it is one of the best investments I have made for the interior of my car.



Farhan Kureshy 

Ministry of the Environment 

Information Management and Technology Branch

I have received the shifter and e-brake boots and I couldn`t be more satisfied with the quality and fit of the products. I also appreciate RedlineGoods.com for following up to its customers, assuring the arrival of its products and backing up its sales. Much thanks to RedlineGoods.com for great quality products and excellent services. 

Thanks again, 


I received my boots today! I installed them tonight and they look absolutely amazing. Your product is just pure high quality. I went for a drive after I installed it and since it was night time, I kept turning on the interior light to look at how great the interior looked with the boots. I can`t explain how great it looked! 


The shipping was fast, the customer service was excellent and I`m just EXTREMELY happy with the product. After dealing with that crappy and overly thick Wheelskins shift boot, I am VERY pleased with seeing something that actually looks, feels and IS real leather.

Thanks again, 



I got my shift boot today and I am very impressed with the quality of your work! The leather is thick and feels very soft at the same time. The smell is great and the stitching is perfect. Thank you for your business. I will be sure to remember you next time I need a new shift boot for one of my cars. Thanks again. GREAT PRODUCT!! :)


I was writing to let you know that I have received the boots and they are EXACTLY what I wanted. These are in fact very high quality looking boots. Thank you very much for your services and your follow up on the order. It is greatly appreciated. I had cut down the factory stick height, and put a MOMO shift knob on, and this was the final ingredient. Its funny how such small things can make a huge difference in driving pleasure for some people :o) Anyways, again thank you very much, and I will DEFINITELY recommend you to ANYBODY looking for such a thing, and will DEFINITELY purchase again with future vehicles. Couldn`t be more pleased!

Sincerely (and Happily) 

Ray Koceja




I have received the boots and installed them with absolutely no problems. They are fantastic, the best boots that I have found! I have spent a lot of time looking for a quality replacement shift boot, no one else even comes close, and then you better the deal with a beautiful e-brake boot. I am very happy with this purchase and have already recommended your services to several of my friends! Keep up the great work! It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Oh, I forgot to mention the smell, you gotta love leather!!


Thanks again, 




I received my shift boots quite some time ago, and waited to install them until I got my short shifter. They are put in now, and I am amazed at the quality! They look great, they are really soft, and smell terrific! My interior looks better than it ever has before, with a touch of class and elegance that can only be found in thick, high quality leather. Just wanted to tell you that you have made another VERY satisfied customer! Anyone that I know looking for boots will be immediately referred to your site by me. Thank you very much!


Best regards. Steve Howe



I received the shift boot and the E-brake boot. They are the best boots I have ever seen. The install was very easy with the instructions you provided it took me a whole 10 minutes to install them on my S14 240SX. I am going to order another one for my other Nissan car because they are such high quality. I recommend them to anyone who wants grade A quality on there cars either for daily driving or the car show scene.


Thanks for the great customer satisfaction, 

Michael W. from Virginia



I`ve been so busy I haven`t had the time to check my e-mail lately. Yes, indeed I did receive both boots a few days ago and I am absolutely impressed. They`re everything you promised they would be. You take pride in your work and it truly shows through in the quality of the product.

I must say, though, the concern you`ve put into making sure that I am a satisfied customer is what has impressed me the most. With a median as impersonal as the internet, it`s hard to get any kind of "old fashioned" customer service at all. Yet, somehow you`ve managed a way to extend a handshake over thousands of miles. I`ve completed dozens of transactions online, and I`ve never seen a seller more in touch with their buyers as I have with you.

Thank you for a superior product, amazing customer service, and an unmatched attention to detail!!

You WILL be recommended!!


I received my leather boots and they are beautiful!! Our car is the shop right now, so I can`t wait till I get it back to see how the boots look. You are a true craftsman, and good business man. This transaction from begin to end went so smooth. I buy a lot of items on the internet for my car, and this has to be one of most professionally handled transactions I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in!!! PLUS, and you are half way around the world from me!! I received my boots in 10 days just like you promised.
Frank Naaykens


We received our boots today and they are just "Fabulous.". They look Great in our cars, they fit perfectly & the leather is so soft, we just love them.  You have a Great product with Top Quality Craftsmanship! We would highly recommend you to Ebay buyers but we don`t know how to leave you feedback since we did not buy this off ebay. We just wanted you to know how we feel about your product. Thank you so much,
Don & Cheryl

I love the boots. They are the best replacement boot I have seen. Our friends have some replacement vinyl ones and they don`t even compare. I am really happy with them.

When I received my Z31 boots I was immediately impressed with the quality of the leather, especially when compared to similar products I have seen from other retailers. The installation was simple and straightforward and took about an hour. No more cracked peeling vinyl! An excellent value for the money, and they really dress up my interior. Thanks for an excellent product and customer support. I definitely recommend these boots for fellow Z31 owners.


They look great and I had no problem installing them! They blow the doors off the stock boots. Our brother was always complaining about how bad the factory boots looked ... peeling and flaking. When he got in my car after I installed the new ... he said WOW those look good.

Thank you for the great deal!

I have recieved my leather shift boots... Let me tell you they made my car look brand new! I have already recieved dozens of complements on the boots. I cant thank you enough for the product and delivery. The installation was easy, and took about and hour; I would deffinatly recoment you to anyone.

Thanks once again,
Jeff Fries

I got my boots on Thursday. They look great, and look like they`ll last a lot longer than the stock ones. I haven`t insatlled them yet but it looks like it`ll be easy. Now I need to get a better looking shifter knob to match these cool looking boots.
And thanks for the awsome customer service. I`ve ordered stuff off the web before and have never got service even close to what you provide. You should start selling performance parts. I will highly recomend you to anyone I hear of looking for shifter boots.

Thanks again,

I received my boots a couple of days ago and installed them the same day. They look, feel,and smell so much better than the OE vinyl stuff. The service you provide is also excellent and very organized. The boots were everything that you said they would be and I am very impressed with how great they look once installed. Feel free to post this message and send any people my way that have any doubts or questions about your great product.

Nolan E.

Received the boots last week. They fit just fine and look GREAT!! Thanks for the offering and let me know of any other products you have for my 300zx. Best follow-up on product sales I have ever experiences!!
Thanks again


Just wanted to let you know I received the boots in the mail yesterday they look great I plan on installing them this weekend the install instructions dont look to be all that hard.

Thanks for a great transaction and product


I did received my boots; sorry I didn`t reply sooner but I have been very busy lately. They look excellent in my Z and a very happy with them. Thank you for your service.

Regards, Shane


Actually I just got them yesterday! Thank you for your excellent customer service through the process. I can`t wait to get them installed! Have a great day, and I`ll keep you in mind for friends when they need new boots for their "Z`s"

Thanks again!!

The boots came in two days ago, and I picked them up yesterday. The install went well. I also replaced the shifter bushings. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the leather. It also fits extremely well. All I had to do was cut the slits. It was extremely easy, and they look great.

Thanks again

I received the boots yesterday and installed them today. They fit perfect and look beautiful. If you need another person to testify for your excellent quality products & service, feel free to use my name, email, etc.

Thanks again,

I have received the boots, and they look spectacular. Thank you. You do kick ass work.


They came in the mail on Thursday. I love the quality. Thank you very much, the thread color is perfect. I really appreciate all the effort you put in to every order.

Feel free to use any of my comments whenever you like. I`d be glad to recommend your products to everyone. Not only are your products of the highest quality, your customer service and follow-up far exceed any other supplier I have dealt with regarding interior accessories.

Thank you


I did receive the boots, and they are very nice. I installed them today, which was not very hard, and they look excellent! Much better than the vinyl OEM stuff. Thanks again for the good product and attentive emails. If you need a reference for these boots for a buyer, feel free to give the person my email address and I will tell them they are very nice and you are a good seller.

Thanks again!

Hey buddy. Just wanted to let you know that the shift and ebrake and boots arrived. The color is a perfect match to the 99 Jspec knob. I installed them already and they look AWESOME. Thanks for all the help and answering all the questions. Please give my name to anyone that has any questions about them. I would be happy to be a reference for ya. They are so much better than the OEM vinyl ones.

Thanks again...


I have received the boots them and installed them. I am very pleased with the quality of the boots and installation wasn`t too bad. Thanks for your help and prompt responses.



I received the boots this week and I just wanted to say thanks for following through with our deal. The boots look (and smell) great and the workmanship looks top notch. I`m looking forward to putting them on this weekend.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Hey Maciek, I received the leather shifter and e-brake boots in the mail yesterday. They look and feel great! They are definitely everything you said they would be. Thanks! I`m going to install them tonight. Thanks again! You`ll get nothing but praise from me!



I finally got enough free time to install the boots yesterday and I`m pleased by how they turned out. Much nicer than my worn stock ones. I`d be happy to be a reference for you in the future for perspective customers.


I just installed your boots today and they look great. I love the feel of the thick leather and the shine it give off. What really surprised me is was the fact it held my parking break handle snug and stopped it from rattling.

Thanks again. Steve

I got your boots, even put them on the other day when I was at home. They look great, fit perfect, and even with my little mechanical ability, got them in with no problem. Thanks a lot, and if anyone ever asks for some references, just let me know. Later.



I have received my shifter and ebrake boots in fine condition. I have yet to install them in my car, but I`m sure they will be great. Thanks for the wonderful service you have provided.



Yes, I did receive them, several days ago as a matter of fact, and the product definitely looks first rate! I will let you know how the installation goes...



I received them last Friday. They look awesome! Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I haven`t installed them yet, but I`m sure they`ll look great.

Thanks much,

Heah Buddy,
I put them in without instructions and it was a breeze. They make the interior look a lot better. I did not think they would make such a difference. There so much thicker than the ones I pulled out. Thank You so much for improving 300Z`s (as hard as it is to do). Let me know if you have any more 300ZX parts.

Thanks, Adam T.

I received the shifter and brake boots in the mail yesterday for my 300ZX, and they are great, put them on in less than an hour, they are a lot thicker than the original ones... thanks for the great product,


I got them a while ago and installed them. Very simple to install and they look Great! Thanks a lot for the great product.

Best regards,

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